What Is Audio Mastering: The final part of the story. Mastering gives your mix a final professional finish that separates it from any other production. The process that a mastering engineer does will differ from track to track depending on how it sounds and what it needs. Our engineers use a combination of high end mastering equipment such as UAD digital software, analogue outboard gear such as TL Audio C1 and a classic Otari status 18R. All this along with well trained ears and a professional acoustically treated studio to guaranty the best results every time.


Stereo Mastering

Now your hard work is done and your happy with you final mix have our engineers finish it in style with our full analogue and digital mastering. Our engineers use only top grade audio equipment including some very rear analogue value EQs and compressors.

Dj Mix Mastering

Passionate about Djing? Send your mixes to the studio and have our engineer give them the professional touch. This process is very important for Djs to get a more fuller and richer sounding mix. Our engineers run your track