Mix and Master

Mixing and Mastering is the next step for your homemade projects. Bring your homemade creations to the studio for your mixing session and get  them onto our Otari Status 18r Mixing Console. During the mixing we get your tracks patched through some of the best analogue and digital audio units with names like TL Audio, LT Sound, and HHB along with the best in UAD Plugins like Manley, Lexicon 224, SSL and Maag to name a few. Our experienced team of mix engineers will get your track mixed mastered and polished ready to be sent out the the world! If you are looking to get your music sold professionally then a mixing and mastering session is exactly what you need.
The Process once you have purchased a mixing and master session you will be emailed a link to our online booking form. Here you are able to send us a link to your files, along with any other information we need to guide us through your project. All final mixes will be approved by the client before we send you your final mix. You will get a 2 revisions of the track in you mixing session before it gets mastered. All mixes will be sent in 24bit wav mastered and unmastered. On request for a small fee of £5 we can provide with your mixed stems ready for any further production or remixes. For this sevice simply add this coupon code to your mix and master order during check out. “Give-Me-Stems”