Terms Of Use

Soundwave Recording Studio Terms and Conditions

Once a session is booked the client has a responsibility to arrive at the session on schedule. After a period of 15minutes, without contact, the booked session will be cancelled. Clients need to be aware that if the session starts later than booked, it will not be extended. If further time is needed in the studio the client must rebook.

Sessions of 4hrs or more will require a 25% non-refundable deposit. The deposit will need to be cleared at least 48hrs before the scheduled session. If the session is cancelled or rebooked by ourselves then 100% of the deposit is refunded back to the client. Deposits need to be made via telephone to one of our employees and requires the client to have access to a smartphone.

Soundwave Recording Studio reserves the right to rebook sessions without reason but will give at least 24hrs notice to any session that is cancelled. Soundwave recording studio also reserves the right to make amendments to cost and charges for services that we offer. Any sessions that have been confirmed will not be affected.

PARTIES – All children’s parties must arrive at the agreed time. Any late arrivals will not be extended. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and are the responsibility of the adult or parent. Negligence by any child, resulting in any damages to the studio, or equipment will result in the parent/adult being liable to cover these costs. We reserve the right to alter, without notice, the choice of songs that the child has chosen. We charge £1 per track for those songs we do not have.

Soundwave Recording Studio holds no responsibility for loss of information including individuals work and/or recordings of sessions.