Drums – Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced drummer, here at Soundwave Recording Studio our tutorials can cater for your needs, your drum tutorial will be using the latest Roland Electronic Drum set the TD30K. We are lucky enough to have on board an exceptional drummer/tutor Paul king. Paul has played professionally all over the world for the last 10 years.


Mixing – Mixing is one of the most important stages of any project. These Tutorials are designed to teach good techniques and practices that will make your mix stand out from the crowd. Learning from experienced studio engineers this is a great way to understand what it takes to produce a professional mix. We make full use of the Otari status 18R mixing console during these tutorials. This brings alive the concept of mixing with an actual hands-on experience.


Production – Music production has become a hobby for thousands of individuals. Our one on one courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know about the soft wear side of music production. In the studio we run Cubase 8 along with all the major VSTs from native instruments. Although your session will be on cubase if you are using any different software don’t worry, all the tips and tricks of production are the same for all major DAW like Logic Pro, Reason, FL Studios and Ableton.


Recording – new to the game? Studying in education? Or simply wanting to increase your knowledge?Here at the studio you can learn all there is to know about recording instruments and vocals, learning the most effective techniques and practices to achieve the perfect recording. You will be using the best microphones the industry has to offer (AKG, Rode, Blue, Neumann) with these microphones you will master the ability to record instruments such as guitars, drums, woodwind and vocals.