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Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

Our in house drum tutor Paul King has over a decade of experience as a professional performer. We individually tailor drum lessons for all ages and abilities. Lesson are face to face at Soundwave Recording Studio in Nuthall, Nottingham. We teach lessons mainly on a Roland TD30k electric drum kit, however some lessons will be on an acoustic drum kit also. Paul is also the manager at Soundwave Recording Studio running recording, mixing and production sessions. To enquire about drum lessons please fill out our Contact Form.

Paul has been drumming professionally for over 10 years in various bands playing all over the world. He also finds him self drumming in studios regularly for various different projects. He developed a passion for playing from a very young age taking lessons and grades. Certified Grade 8 percussionist and tuned percussionist. Paul has played in various styles of bands from Jazz, Big Band, Funk, Rock, Hip Hop and more. Paul believes in teaching the basics along with some music theory involved.


You’ll learn all the basic rock beats, some simple fills around the kit and early drum rudiments to get you on the way. Once we’ve nailed some of these basic techniques we will move onto some basic reading, and get you playing along with some simple chart songs.


With a basic understanding of simple beats, rudiments and reading already under your belt we can focus more on achieving the best techniques from your playing. Dive more into the world of rudiments and working them around the drum kit. Take your reading skills to the next level.


If you already see yourself as an advanced drummer we can tailor your lessons. Particular styles or genres, specific technical areas of playing like speed, and independence, solos and much more.

Paul King Drum Videos

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